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Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability grants—invest smart and save! Discover the hidden opportunities for your company in sustainable investing now! In the Netherlands, there are numerous grants and schemes specifically designed to encourage businesses to invest sustainably for a better environment.
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The surprising thing is that the opportunities are so extensive that many companies and entrepreneurs do not even realize that their investments qualify. Do not miss out on these opportunities and leverage the full potential of sustainable investments for your business.

At Ignite Group, we have consultants specialized in guiding you through the complex landscape of subsidies and regulations, so you can maximize your benefits. Receive the return you deserve, not only for your business, but also for our planet.

When does your sustainability and environmental investment qualify for an investment grant?
Is your company planning to invest in buildings, processes, energy, or fleet in the Netherlands—or have you recently done so? Does your investment relate to one or more of the following:

  • Renewing, adapting, sustainability, or building anew?
  • Energy or fuel savings or generation?
  • Recovery or reuse from residual and waste streams?
  • Reduction of raw materials, waste, emissions, or water consumption?

Can you already say “Yes!” to one or more of these topics, or are you still uncertain? Get in touch with us and let us take care of identifying and applying for the right grant schemes for your business.

May we achieve the maximum sustainable return for your company?
Optimize your investments and take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future. With our expert approach, we involve both your project leaders and financial stakeholders, collaborating to explore how each investment contributes to energy savings, sustainability, and CO2 reduction. Have your investment screened for grants!

Curious about how our revenue models work? We utilize a variety of specially designed strategies to maximize all your opportunities in the field of grants. Have a look at our revenue models page for more information.

Which schemes can you benefit from with sustainable investments?
Whether you’re renewing, adapting, sustainability, building (new), saving or generating energy, the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA), and Accelerated Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil) offer opportunities for various sustainable investments. These schemes can also be applied for after the project has been commissioned. Additionally, there are grant schemes that can be applied for during the quotation phase.

If your focus is on saving or recovering raw materials or semi-finished products, on reuse or reduction of waste streams or rejects, or on preventing or reducing emissions or water consumption, then discover the many possibilities of the MIA Vamil! But also consider, for example, electric vehicles and lifting and hoisting equipment. There are also many benefits to be gained for the agricultural and horticultural sector. For large-scale projects in the industry, the Accelerated Climate Investments Industry (VEKI) can also yield significant benefits for your company.

The EIA grant covers energy-saving assets and technologies across various sectors, from commercial buildings to sustainable energy projects. But also consider, for example, electrification of machinery, or converting energy into heat or hydrogen, or sustainable measures for fleets or ships. But that is not all! For large-scale sustainable energy projects, the Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition (SDE++) offers attractive benefits. For smaller energy projects by commercial users and private homeowners, the Investment Subsidy for Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ISDE) provides financial support for investments in energy-saving assets.

So, regardless of the scale of your plans, there are opportunities to benefit. Do not miss out on opportunities! Have your investment screened for grants today by our Investment Team and discover how we can help make your sustainable ambitions a reality!

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