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Received a positive decision (approval) on your grant application? Congratulations! But now the real work begins.
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You must comply with the administrative requirements set by the funding body. Don't worry, the grant advisors at Ignite Group are ready to guide you in the implementation and accountability of your project!

We can assist you in handling the necessary administration promptly and accurately. So that your accountant can issue a statement without any issues, and you can effectively have the grant determined and disbursed. Our experts assist with detailed interim reporting and final settlements. This allows you to adjust promptly and always have the financial and substantive progress at your fingertips. Our goal is a successful implementation of your (grant) project!

Additionally, we can help you with the final reporting to save time. A proper handling of the final accountability is crucial for the definitive determination of the grant. This accountability includes both a financial and substantive component. The Ignite Group ensures strict compliance with the agreements made. Any project audits by the funding body or the accountant are prepared and overseen by us. We aim to ensure the success of your project by 100%, from approval to the final declaration!

Let Ignite Group assist you with the administrative hassle, so you can focus on the core of your project!

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