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Customer stories

Curious about our customers’ experiences with Ignite Group? Here you will find a selection of successful cases that illustrate how we have guided our customers to their satisfaction during their subsidy process.

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Target audiences

Target Audiences
“Our business case is already very strong, but the grant really completes it.”
Erik van Honk
ROC Nijmegen
“We wouldn’t have achieved 30 successful applications in three years on our own.”
Folkert Potze
Province of Overijssel
“By working together, you can make a significant difference in Europe and even beyond.”
Ulla Britt Krämer
“Menno is a world authority in heat pump technology and natural refrigerants, having received various international awards and accolades.”
Twan de Laat
City of Eindhoven
“After deciding to transition to the SVS, the implementation went exceptionally smoothly and effectively. We were able to start working independently with it quite quickly.”
Ine Cuijten
City of Heerenveen
“SVS is distinctive, user-friendly, and meets all current requirements.”
Roland Kielema
City of Delft
The SVS provides much more overview and capabilities for grant management.
Susanna Kimah
City of Dordrecht
“It’s great to apply, but the real work begins once you have received an approval.”
Ronald Bosua
City of Heerlen
“With SVS, you save time and money.” “As mentioned, due to the overview and highly efficient way of working.”
Marion Vogten-Heunen
City of Oosterhout
“The entire grant process has become significantly more efficient and transparent with the implementation of both systems.”
Edwin Branderhorst
“Our discussions with Ignite Group revealed ample room for improvement in how we approached grant applications.”
Bart van Dam
“Without grant schemes like Eurostars, projects like these can only be carried out to a limited extent.”
Gido Akse

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