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Are you considering an initiative aimed at improving environmental conservation, nature preservation, or addressing climate change, requiring collaboration between governments, non-profit organizations, and possibly the business sector? Then you might be eligible for a LIFE grant.

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What are the LIFE requirements?

The requirements for obtaining a LIFE grant can vary depending on the specific call for proposals and the EU’s priorities at that time. Our scheme experts are up to date with all the latest developments.

Some general conditions applicable to LIFE projects include:

  • Impact and Sustainability: Projects must have a clear impact on environmental, nature, or climate protection and must be sustainable in the long term.
  • Partnership: LIFE projects can be carried out by a single organization or by a partnership of multiple organizations from different EU member states. International collaboration is often a plus.
  • Co-Financing: LIFE grants typically require co-financing, meaning that a portion of the project costs must be covered by the applicants themselves or by other sources.
  • Technical and Financial Feasibility: Project proposals must be technically and financially feasible. This means that applicants must have the capacity to manage and implement the project, and the budget must be realistic and well-supported.
  • Innovation: While not always required, innovation is often encouraged. This can involve the development of new technologies, methods, or approaches.
  • Dissemination and Communication: Projects must have a clear plan for disseminating results and experiences, allowing others to learn from the project and increasing its impact.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: There must be a clear plan for monitoring and evaluating the project, enabling tracking and reporting of progress and results.

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LIFE grant

Target audience
€ 5,4 billion

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