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Grant applications

Do you have a groundbreaking concept but lack the necessary financial resources to realize it? Applying for a grant can be exactly the boost needed to bring your plans to completion!
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At Ignite Group, we handle the entire application process for you. Or we provide you with valuable advice if you prefer to tackle the challenge yourself. Our goal is to provide support where needed, allowing you to focus on the core activities of your organization.

Our experience has taught us that the success rate of grant applications can significantly increase when we are involved in drafting the application. That is why, our grant advisors are eager to engage in discussions with you to gain a thorough understanding of the plans. Based on that, we determine which grant scheme(s) are most suitable and draft a compelling project plan, including a clear schedule and budget that meet the grant requirements. This significantly increases the success rate of the grant application!

Tasks involved in applying for a grant may include:

  • Drafting a step-by-step plan.
  • Reviewing documentation.
  • Requesting missing information and any required attachments.
  • Drafting/adjusting project plan.
  • Contacting the funding body.
  • Drafting the application form and any necessary attachments.
  • Finalizing the definitive version (On-site or digitally).
  • Submitting the application.

At Ignite Group, you determine the level of support desired for the grant application. We utilize a variety of specially designed strategies to enhance all your opportunities in the field of grants. Have a look at our revenue models page for more information.

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