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Are you considering outsourcing grant-related tasks? That could be a smart move for your organization! At Ignite Group, we offer secondment services that perfectly align with your needs.
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With our secondment services, you can deploy experienced grant professionals within your organization. Whether you need extra hands for managing complex grant projects or for executing program management tasks, our experts are ready to assist you.

We understand that grant projects need to be managed and handled with precision to be successful. That's why our seconded professionals not only provide support in project execution, but also ensure effective program management. They assist you in meeting deadlines, ensuring compliance, and guaranteeing the legitimacy of your grant projects. Within our organization, we have experience with:

  • project manager for European grant projects.
  • program manager of a (European) program at a province or region (including Interreg, POP, ESF, EFRO, Human Capital).
  • government grant desk employee.

With our secondment services, you can flexibly meet the needs of your organization without investing in lengthy recruitment processes. Whether you require temporary assistance or are seeking long-term collaboration, we adapt to your situation.

Let Ignite Group assist you in managing subsidy-related tasks effectively and efficiently.

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