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Are you considering an investment in energy-efficient technologies or sustainable energy within your company? Then you may be able to benefit from the Energy Investment Deduction (EIA), a tax scheme intended to encourage energy savings and sustainable energy use in business.

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Which investments are eligible for ISDE grant?

An overview of the types of investments that are generally eligible for the ISDE scheme:

    • Heat pumps: Grant for the purchase of air-water heat pumps, ground-water heat pumps, water-water heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps that are used for space heating or for the combination of space heating and hot tap water;
    • Solar boilers: Grant for the purchase of solar boiler systems that use solar heat to heat water, which can contribute to the reduction of the use of gas or electricity for hot water supplies;
    • Biomass boilers and pellet stoves: This category has been removed from the scheme in some cases, but in the past biomass boilers and pellet stoves that met certain emission requirements were eligible for a grant;
    • Connection to a heating network: Private individuals can receive a grant for the costs incurred for connecting to a heating network, which can be a sustainable alternative to individual heating systems;
    • Insulation measures: For private home owners, the ISDE can also offer grants for insulation measures, such as roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, facade insulation and high-efficiency glass;
    • Ventilation with heat recovery: In some cases, investments in ventilation systems with heat recovery (WTW) may also be eligible for a grant.


As a seller of an energy-saving product or material, you can continuously submit a proposal for the relevant list of the ISDE grant. We can advise on this or submit the full proposal.

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ISDE grant

Target audience
€ 600 billion

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