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Grant coordination

Are you a government agency looking for an effective grant process? Do you want better insight into possibilities, more control over grant streams, or additional capacity needed for grant acquisition?
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At Ignite Group, we understand the complexity of grant acquisition in the public sector and are here to support you with our grant coordination service.

With extensive experience within the public sector, we provide structural support to achieve the maximum result. We conduct on-site meetings with key stakeholders, advise on promising grant opportunities, guide employees in submitting applications, and help develop their skills. Our goal is a successful match between projects and grants within your organization. This also promotes grant awareness among employees through knowledge transfer.

At Ignite Group, we also understand that not every organization has a grant coordinator. You aim for an effective and efficient grant process. That is why we have experienced specialists in-house who can fulfill this role on a temporary or long-term basis, providing your organization with more control over grant acquisition.

Within this service, you will have a dedicated contact person available who will handle everything related to your incoming grant streams. We aim for close collaboration and establish a fixed appointment structure with you, ensuring that we are fully informed about what is happening within your organization.

Responsibilities of our grant coordinator may include:

  • Regularly conducting screening interviews with employees.
  • Performing desk research, including thorough analysis of projects and identifying grant opportunities.
  • Actively brainstorming with projects, and advising to optimize their alignment with subsidy schemes.
  • Being available as a continuous point of contact for various grant-related issues.
  • Drafting grant applications.
  • Providing support in completing grant projects.
  • Maintaining an overview and monitoring ongoing grant projects and deadlines.

Is your organization lacking a grant coordinator to realize your grant ambitions? Whether you are embarking on projects, investing in social challenges, or have grand future plans? No problem, we are here to provide proactive grant advice. At Ignite Group, we are committed to supporting your organization in achieving its grant ambitions.

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