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Are you engaged in an innovative project with a partner from a neighboring country? Or are you interested in collaborating within the broader European region? Then the Interreg program might be of interest to you.

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, Government, Education


€ 380 million




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What is the Interreg grant?

Interreg is a collection of interregional grant programs, aimed at strengthening Europe and reducing the economic disparities between regions and member states by supporting collaborative projects.

The grant percentage for Dutch applicants is up to 80% (depending on the type and size of the organization), with an average grant amount of €1 to €2 million per project. For private non-profit organizations, this amounts to a maximum of 70% of the project costs.

Interreg programs are part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). There are four different Interreg programs. They focus on:

Cross-border cooperation (Interreg A)

  • Flanders-Netherlands
  • Germany-Netherlands
  • Euregio Meuse-Rhine


Cooperation between regions in different countries (Interreg B)

  • North West Europe (NWE)
  • North Sea


Interreg NWE is intended for parties from 7 countries (besides the Netherlands, these include Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, and non-EU country Switzerland).

The North Sea Region focuses on collaboration between parties from countries surrounding the North Sea. These countries include the Netherlands, France (northern regions), Belgium (entire Flanders), Germany (northwestern parts), Denmark (entire), Sweden (southwestern regions), and Norway (southern regions).

Interregional and Europe-wide cooperation (Interreg C)

  • Interreg Europe
  • Espon


Interreg Europe supports interregional cooperation across Europe and focuses on regional development, particularly through the Structural Funds programs.

Cooperation with and between European territories that do not belong to the European continent (Interreg D).

It is important to consult the specific calls for proposals and program documentation for detailed information. Our experts can help you with this, thanks to years of experience with this scheme.

Is your organization involved in international research, technological development, and innovation at the international level? Then the Horizon Europe program might offer financial support to your organization. Our experts can help you further with this scheme as well.

What is our revenue model?

Wondering how our earning models work? We use a variety of strategies specially designed to enhance all your grant opportunities. See our earning models page for more information.

Interreg grant

Target audience
Entrepreneurs, Government, Education
€ 380 million

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