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Horizon Europe

Are you planning to set up a groundbreaking project that harnesses the collaboration between academics, industry, and governments within Europe? then you might be eligible for Horizon Europe grant, a program designed to foster groundbreaking innovation and research within the EU, strengthening Europe’s scientific and technological base.

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What are the Horizon Europe requirements?

The requirements for participating in the Horizon Europe program vary, depending on the call for proposals and specific program component. Here are some general conditions and features of the program:

    • Participants: Horizon Europe is open to universities, research institutions, businesses (including SMEs), NGOs, and other organizations. Individual researchers can also participate, for example, through the European Research Council (ERC) grants.
    • Consortia: For many projects, it’s necessary to form an international consortium. This means that partners from different EU member states or associated countries (at least three) collaborate on a project.
    • Funding: Funding is typically based on a grant, where a percentage of eligible costs is reimbursed. This percentage can vary depending on the type of organization and the type of activity.
    • Calls for Proposals: The European Commission publishes calls for proposals outlining specific themes and criteria. Participants must submit their proposals within the specified deadlines and according to the guidelines of the call.
    • Work Programmes: Horizon Europe has detailed work programmes that outline specific research areas and objectives for a given period. These work programmes guide the calls for proposals.
    • International Collaboration: Horizon Europe encourages international collaboration, including with countries outside the EU and associated countries.
    • Open Science: Participants are encouraged to make their research results publicly accessible, following the principles of open science and open access.
    • Ethics and Regulation: All projects must adhere to ethical standards and regulations, including EU regulations on data protection and environmental legislation.
    • Reporting and Audit: Participants must regularly report on the progress of their project and may be subject to financial audits.


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Horizon Europe grant

Target audience
€ 97,6 billion

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