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Interreg: final call for proposals of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

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Interreg supports within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund the so-called European territorial cooperation and cross-border cooperation. However, the funding is administered and coordinated in various cooperation areas, including the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

About Interreg

Interreg is part of the structural and investment policy of the European Union. The European territorial cooperation thus promotes cross-border cooperation between regions and cities in various thematic areas. Furthermore, Interreg is also divided into three strands:

  • A – Cross-border cooperation: Neighbouring border regions are supported in economic and social cooperation.
  • B – Transnational cooperation: Local, regional and national partners from transnational cooperation areas work together.
  • C – Interregional cooperation: Exchange through cooperation networks to improve regional development.

The management is decentralised, i.e. Interreg funding is not coordinated by the European Commission. Instead, national and regional representatives meet in each cooperation area and jointly define the objectives and priorities of the programme. Thus, partners from the border regions or even several countries come together for implementation.

The Meuse-Rhine Euregio

  • Innovation : 2.5 million euros will be awarded to projects in the field of block chain technology or to initiatives that help SMEs to introduce innovation.
  • Economy : 9 million euro are tendered for projects that contribute to resource efficiency in SMEs.
  • Social Inclusion & Education: Around 9 million euros have been tendered for regular projects.
  • Territorial Development: 150,000 Euro are tendered for projects defining indicators to monitor and measure cross-border cooperatio

Projects can be submitted until 16 June 2020.

Interreg 2021

In the following Interreg funding period (2021 – 2027) „Working together across borders“ the Maass-Rhine Region will continue to manage and support projects of the Greater Region. New topics and ideas for the new Interreg funding are in process.

Interest in transnational cooperation ?

You have a project idea that fits to cross-border funding? Talk to us or fill out our free funding check and we will check your project for possible funding.