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As an organization, you have certain goals you'd like to achieve and ambitions you want to fulfill. The goals and ambitions may relate to sustainability, agriculture, health, safety, or a cultural aspect. For the projects aimed at achieving these goals, you incur expenses, such as salaries, hiring external expertise, purchasing materials, or renting a location. To achieve your goals, you need money. Thousands of regional, national, and European grants are available for this purpose.

With, you stay updated daily on the latest and most important grant news. Our online database is equipped with various useful search functions and unique options, making it easy for you to find the grants and financing schemes that are relevant to your projects.

But which subsidies and financing options are suitable for your goals and projects? Whether you are looking for grants, loans, or tax incentives from provincial, regional, national, or European governments, or even from various private funds, you will find it all in our database. We offer a comprehensive range of funding opportunities for all imaginable fields, from innovation to education, from energy and environment to culture and tourism, and from research to international cooperation.

A team of experienced researchers works diligently to update daily, ensuring that we remain the largest and most comprehensive grant database available.

With, you have everything you need to make your grant applications a success. Explore the possibilities today, and find the funding your project deserves!

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