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Are you finding it challenging to manage the grant process within your organization efficiently and user-friendly? Fortunately, SVS-UIT provides the solution.
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It can be challenging to keep everything organized when you're working with different systems to for apply for, monitor, and determine grants. SVS-UIT is a unique web-based system designed to seamlessly integrate with the standard grant process within your organization. It's easy to implement for all departments and features a comprehensive rights and roles structure.

With SVS-UIT, employees always have access to real-time management information. Moreover, the system can seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as case and financial systems, SAP systems, and authorization systems like DigID and herkenning. This means that all documents are centrally and securely stored in real-time, reducing the risk of data loss and vulnerability in case of employee turnover.

What else does SVS-UIT offer? For applicants, it provides a streamlined process with features such as complete application submission, assessment questions during the application process, and automatic storage of interactions. For handlers, SVS-UIT simplifies the evaluation of applications with automatic assessment, the ability to create new schemes themselves, and clear dashboards for oversight.

When setting up each grant scheme, the functionalities of the system to be used are determined, ensuring that the grant process remains straightforward and not unnecessarily complicated.

During the implementation phase of SVS-UIT, we adopt a phased approach, aiming for an efficient setup that overlaps each other, starting with verifying the requirements. We analyze the current grant process and tailor the design of the setup accordingly. After implementation, intensive contact continues, including technical and substantive support via a helpdesk. We continue to evolve the system and offer additional services such as training, content management, and grant advice.

With SVS-UIT, managing outgoing grants in your organization becomes a lot simpler and more effective. For more information, visit our grant tracking system website.

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