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Do you have multiple grant applications running simultaneously? With our Grant Tracking System (SVS-in), you have all requested, awarded, and ongoing grants in one central location.
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Are you aware of all the different grant streams within your organization? Do you know which grant originate from Europe and when accountability moments occur? Often, this information is not centrally tracked. When it comes to just one project, it's manageable, but when you have multiple projects running, overview becomes important.

It's essential to know the various grant streams and the upcoming accountability moments associated with them. Additionally, it's important to know the current status, such as the number of ongoing grants, the number of payments made, and the amount disbursed or rejected per year. It takes a lot of time to figure out these things when management information is requested.

With our Grant Tracking System (SVS-IN), your organization gains control over the entire process of all your incoming grants. SVS-IN provides a clear overview of all applied, awarded, and ongoing grants. At any given moment, management information regarding grant outcomes and milestones in the grant process is available.

SVS-IN is a powerful administration and management tool for organizations with incoming grant streams. It provides your organization with complete control over the entire process for all your incoming grants. We are constantly striving for innovation to enhance our systems, combining grant expertise, technology, and customer experiences.

Some functionalities of SVS-IN include:

  • Dashboard for clear display of grant data.
  • Registration of ongoing and future programs.
  • Monitoring of grant processes.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Optimal security to ensure data confidentiality.

With SVS-IN, you have everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your incoming grant processes. For more information, visit our grant tracking system website.

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