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Are you looking to better facilitate the development of social initiatives and seeking external funding for it? Never miss a grant opportunity again with your own digital grant desk.
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Are you looking to better facilitate the development of social initiatives and seeking external funding for it? Often, this search begins online or by approaching a government agency or an industry association for financial support. As a government agency or industry association, it's important to support these organizations as effectively as possible. Therefore, we provide access to our grant desks, filled with grant schemes, funds, and grant news, to give the membership insight into financing opportunities beyond the most well-known schemes.

The grant desk is placed entirely in the goverment's branding on their website or in the style of the industry association. This allows entrepreneurs and volunteers from the government or members of the industry association to search for free in a database containing thousands of regional, national, and European grants, tax schemes, and funds. This way, they find financing for their activities and, for example, contribute to the local and regional economy, as well as the preservation of sports and culture for the community.

For residents, foundations, and associations, we have developed a special desk tailored to their needs, allowing even more social initiatives to continue!

Entrepreneurs also have their own desk, where all schemes available to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises are displayed, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and internationalization.

We have the most comprehensive and consulted grant desks. They encompass a comprehensive range of grants, credits, and tax schemes from provincial, regional, national, and European governments, as well as various private funds. With various search functions and options, along with the latest news about grants, you are always well informed about the latest developments. The schemes cover various fields such as culture, sports, and welfare, and are specifically tailored to the user, without complex (European) grants, making it usable for every organization.

Our grant desks have the option to only show schemes that can be applied for to fund activities from a specific region. Based on the visitor's profile, only the relevant schemes are displayed, based on themes such as culture, sports, and welfare.

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