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Ignite Group Announces Acquisition of Ruber Acia 

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Ignite Group, a market leader in grants, proudly announces the acquisition of Ruber Acia, a renowned player in the grant landscape. This strategic acquisition strengthens Ignite Group’s market position and expands its product and service portfolio. 

  • Strategic Advantages: This is the first strategic step of Ignite Group into Northern Netherlands. Ignite Group already serves many customers here, but with the acquisition of Ruber Acia, we now have a physical presence in Groningen. From this base, we can better serve our customers in Groningen, Drenthe, and Friesland. 
  • Future Plans: Keep an eye on the news. As you know, our growth strategy is to become the largest and best grant advisor in Europe. We might have more announcements soon.  

“We are very pleased with the addition of Ruber Acia to the Ignite Group. This new acquisition marks the next step in the growth of our wonderful company. Now, we can also better serve our customers in the North of the Netherlands,” says Henk Heerink, CEO of Ignite Group. 

Harold Helmus, CEO of Ruber Acia, added, “Joining forces with Ignite Group is a logical next step for our company. It provides growth opportunities for our people and our customers. Now, we can benefit from Ignite Group’s specialized expertise and digital solutions, allowing us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently.” 

About Ignite Group
Ignite Group is the only agency in the Netherlands that uniquely combines digital solutions and grant consultancy. We contribute daily to achieving our customers’ goals. We make your progress possible. Ignite Group employs highly educated and often specialized consultants, delivering top quality for initiating and managing grant projects at all levels (regional, national, and European). 

About Ruber Acia
Ruber Acia is a leading full-service grant consultancy firm specializing in applying for the most promising grants and providing extensive support after grant approval. Under the name WBSOKantoor, Ruber Acia specializes in the WBSO and the Innovation Box. Due to ongoing developments in grants and organizations, Ruber Acia offers a standby service to ensure customers are always aware of the latest and most relevant grant programs. Personal involvement and fruitful collaboration are central to Ruber Acia, with open and honest communication forming the basis of their service. 

For more information, please contact our Commercial Director Ron Coenen at +31 6 17672484 & [email protected]