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Meet Ignite Group!

You have of course known us for a while because we have been traveling together through subsidy countries for a while. You are certainly aware that we have gone through the necessary changes in recent years. But we still thought it would be appropriate to take you along as a permanent relationship in the remainder of this journey. We continue our journey under a new identity; Ignite Group.

Vindsubsidies, founded in 1997, has been actively working with SilverTree Equity to strengthen its market leading position in the world of subsidy services since 2021. In recent years, several acquisitions have been made of both small and medium-sized organizations in this market. Including the recent acquisitions of De Breed & Partners and Dorucon (Germany). And we’re not done yet!

Director Henk Heerink: “With 9 branches in the Netherlands and 2 in Germany and everything available, it is high time to bring the underlying brands together under one name: Ignite Group. We are proud of this name because it reflects our international growth ambitions. The trusted advisor/contact person is still there. But with even more in-depth expertise and years of experience through the addition of new colleagues.

Ignite Group still offers the trusted services and digital solutions. This means you are assured of the best and latest subsidy news. Our expertise teams will help you with your provincial, national and European subsidy applications. This way you can spar with our colleagues in the field of IT, life sciences, sustainability, other innovations and public services. We help you from idea to submitting the final declaration and with searching for and applying for subsidies. We also offer training and workshops to our customers. Our digital solutions are state-of-the-art. We have the largest database of subsidy options (which goes under the familiar name Vindsubsidies) and we can support all your subsidy processes further automatically with the help of our Subsidy Tracking System.

We can proudly say that our new organization now consists of more than 190 professionals. This allows us to better facilitate our clients in the increasingly complex demand.

We are your subsidy advisor who makes progress possible.

Watch the video below and let our CEO, Henk Heerink, take you into the world of Ignite Group.